"III" Triple Gatefold 3LP

"III" Triple Gatefold 3LP

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"III" Triple Gatefold 3LP

A journey into an unknown land.
An ancient mechanism.
A prophecy.

Released February 16th, 2018

Fully analog recording at Magnetic Fidelity.
Engineered by Jesus I. Agnew.

LP edition is mastered in a pure analog chain from tape to cut (AAA), digital editions are mastered from tape to file (AAD).

Artwork by Chris RW.

First pressing: Edition of 300 Ice Blue / 700 Black (Sold Out)
Second pressing: Edition of 1000 Black (Sold Out)
Third pressing: Edition of 1000 Black (Sold Out)

1. You Won't Be Left Alone - 11:17
2. On the Silver Line - 09:55
3. Land of Infinite Time - 12:04
4. Machine - 10:50
5. Prophet - 08:02
6. White Morning - 07:13
7. Spring Song - 05:31

Includes a printed download code.

Find it on all digital platforms here: http://orcd.co/naxatrasiii