"Naxatras" Gatefold 2LP
"Naxatras" Gatefold 2LP

"Naxatras" Gatefold 2LP

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"I" Gatefold 12"

Trippy, groovy, heavy stuff straight from the heart of the Universe...

Released April 26th, 2015

Engineered by Jesus Agnew in a 100% analog way at Magnetic Fidelity Studio.

The album was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs during a single day in January 2015. ATR Magnetic Master Tape in 1/4" was used as the master tape, in a half-track stereo configuration.

LP edition is mastered in a pure analog chain from tape to cut (AAA), digital editions are mastered from tape to file (AAD).

Artwork by Chris RW.

First pressing: Edition of 800 (Sold Out).

Second pressing: Edition of 500 black / 500 Desert Orange (Sold Out).

Third pressing: Edition of 1000 (Sold Out)

1. I am the Beyonder - 10:34

2. Sun is Burning - 05:17

3. Space Tunnel - 06:05

4. Shiva's Dance - 07:34

5. Downer - 06:17

6. Waves - 07:15

7. The West - 07:06

8. Ent - 09:48

Find it on all digital platforms here: http://orcd.co/naxatrasi